Thursday, June 14, 2018

Navy and Air Force Depot Policy Issues and Infrastructure Concerns
Subcommittee on Readiness (Committee on Armed Services)
9:00 AM 2212 RHOB
H.R. 5749, H.R. 5953, H.R. 6035, and H.R. 6069
Committee on Financial Services
9:30 AM 2128 RHOB
Democracy Promotion in a Challenging World
Committee on Foreign Affairs
10:00 AM 2172 RHOB
“Enhancing State Management of Federal Lands and Waters Act’’
Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources (Committee on Natural Resources)
10:00 AM 1324 LHOB
The Chemical Facilities Anti-Terrorism Standards Program (CFATS) – A Progress Report
Subcommittee on Environment (Committee on Energy and Commerce)
10:00 AM 2123 RHOB
NASA Cost and Schedule Overruns: Acquisition and Program Management Challenges
Subcommittee on Space (Committee on Science, Space, and Technology)
10:00 AM 2318 RHOB
Shrinking the Skills Gap: Solutions to the Small Business Workforce Shortage
Subcommittee on Economic Growth, Tax and Capital Access (Committee on Small Business)
10:00 AM 2360 RHOB
Understanding the Digital Advertising Ecosystem
Subcommittee on Digital Commerce and Consumer Protection (Committee on Energy and Commerce)
10:15 AM 2322 RHOB