Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Consideration of Rules of the Committee on the Budget for the 116th Congress
Committee on the Budget
9:30 AM 1334 LHOB
Department of Defense's Support to the Southern Border
Committee on Armed Services
10:00 AM 2118 RHOB
H.R. 1, the "For the People Act of 2019"
Committee on the Judiciary
10:00 AM 2141 RHOB
Protecting Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions
Committee on Ways and Means
10:00 AM 1100 LHOB
Organizational Meeting
Committee on Oversight and Reform
10:00 AM 2154 RHOB
The Congressional Budget Office's Budget and Economic Outlook
Committee on the Budget
10:00 AM 1334 LHOB
Organizational meeting to introduce new members, consider and adopt the Rules of the Committee, report and approve subcommittee Chairs, Ranking Members, and assignments, and present the Committee Oversight Plan.
Committee on Education and Labor
10:15 AM 2175 RHOB
Examining the Actions of Drug Companies in Raising Prescription Drug Prices
Committee on Oversight and Reform
11:00 AM 2154 RHOB
Committee Organizational Meeting
Committee on Foreign Affairs
2:00 PM 2172 RHOB
H.R. 790—Federal Civilian Workforce Pay Raise Fairness Act of 2019
Committee on Rules
3:00 PM H-313 CAPITOL